Wednesday, 27 February 2008

If time is money, would you not buy more time?

Those with money allways seem to want more time, many of the ancient wonders are testiment to it, the teracota army, a army of hundreds made of stone burried with thier emporer and a river of mecury folowing around his tomb all to help and protect him in heaven. He conquered all China, but he could not conquer death, he was told by his doctors that if he drank mecury he would live longer.

I guess the mecury shops must have been like tobbaco companies back then "doctor's choice." Well it probably shortened his life and definatly made him insane. The pharoh's buit thier pyramids as tombs for the after life, and seemed to have conquered physics with a building bigger not being built until the 19th century, and it is still a mystery how they could ever be built without modern machinery, on the blood of thousands, they were burried with some of the most beautiful objects ever seen as in Tutankhamun tomb in an atempt to conquer biology once more.

In our matierialist world of a protestant work ethic- "time is money" or "buisiness before pleasure" as if to suggest that money itself is the end in life not a means to an end. I think perhaps my time isnt going to be about aquiring money but about how to spend my time.

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Shop Girl* said...

I enjoyed reading your comment on my blog. I also really enjoyed that article--I hadn't really thought much about the issue until after I had read that.

And just for the record, I agree. I have always hated when employed used that line "time is money". I just enjoy mine as much as I can. :)